Relationship Karma


Being a true believer of karma myself i do believe that what goes around does come back around. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you’ so the saying goes…apparently.

But what happens when matters of the heart are involved? Is karma still likely to come back around, or can it be justified as feelings were involved?

Well in my experience karma is well and truly not a myth. Every relationship i have been in has somewhat been played out again in another relationship down the line just in role reversal.

Although, I’m starting to question whether actions made by myself as a teenager can really be condemned into being my ‘karma’ for me as an adult, or maybe that’s because men mature later, who knows?

Everything i have done wrong and every mistake i have made with matters of the heart have always come back and well and truly bitten me on the arse. If my relationship history were on a pack of cards you could literally play ‘snap’ with them.

I have broken hearts, and had my heart broken. I have cheated, and been cheated on. I have lied, and been lied to, and i have played, and been played.

My love life in my teens was pretty plain sailing (on my part may i add), apart from having to deal with the usual dramas of a teenage relationship i was pretty much in control. I was the one mostly doing the dumping, cheating and the lying. But now after having my marriage fall apart and being newly single as an adult i feel like my relationship karma has been brewing for so long it’s going into overload.

The problem is, karma is not immediate and because of this i  found myself falling into bad relationship habits. Getting away with things for so long with no negative consequences meant i never really learnt and consequently was just repeating bad relationships over and over. Therefore can karma really be to blame for this? It feels like only now have i realised the consequences of my actions, meaning karma is not to blame, if anything it should be praised.

In my case recently it was me receiving bad karma but in some cases surely it must be dishing out unresolved issues. Like the guy who messed me around and lied to me for so long, he probably had his heart broken in college and had the mind-set not to commit therefore giving me my karma and in turn completing his own.

It means i can never really hate the arseholes who i waste my time with now because at some point that was me, and deep down i had my reasons for doing what i was doing and i understand it. I understand them. Also you dont have to worry about revenge, they got it coming!!

It does make you wonder though, if everyone is just delivering everyone’s relationship karma to them, and the ones that find true happiness are the ones who have had a wiped clean slate.

According to LOVEBUZZ there are four ways to improve your relationship karma…

1)      Break up kindly

2)      Be genuinely happy for your blissfully in-love friends

3)      Let your friend get the guy

4)      Don’t trash a bad date

According to this you are likely to be more ‘lucky in love’…yeah…right…!!

I am hoping that i am coming to the end of all of this bad karma. I can pretty much match up every relationship to every relationSHIT i have had and i hope I’m coming out the other side. I suppose you could say i have paid my dues? I think only now is the time when i can start fresh with someone without having to worry about a mistake coming back around.

In saying all of this though i have learnt something (which is good as isn’t that the point of karma?) I have learnt not to play with people’s hearts and learnt that every action has a reaction. Well, it’s either my relationship karma or i am losing my touch. Yeah…it’s probably that!

Beware singletons your relationship karma is as close as your next date!! Eek!

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